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Sleetmania character profile: Krampus
Name: Krampus Gier
Age: ???
Race: Demon.
Height: 9'3''
Gender: Male
Aura: Ice Aura.
Abilities: Hook n' Chain whips, Deathtrap gifts, Enhanced strength, Enhanced agility and speed, Sack of Demonic toys, Power drain, Expert in electrics, Excellent strategist, Enhanced intelligence, Expert in stealth.
Affiliation: N/A
Aliases: "The Christmas Devil"
Bio: Many fear Krampus in the human world as the punisher of children and the Shadow of Saint Nicholas, but in Hell, Krampus is the Santa Clause to the many demons of Hell. As one of the oldest demons in existence, and exiled brother of Saint Nicholas, Krampus has an unlimited hatred for his brother. As a young billy, Krampus had always had a jelousy of his brother being favoured by everyone, delivering gifts to all, and he got all the praise. Krampus' job was to punish the wicked and sinful, which he had done a very good job of. Later in his life, Krampus learned to love his job, but he loved it too much. He didn't just puni
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Character Profile: Lok'Zor Cinatas.
Name: Lok'Zor Cinatas.
Age: Unknown.
Race: Demon/Spider.
Height: 9ft
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight.
Aura: Terror.
Abilities: Widowmaker, Spider Bite, True fear, Regeneration, Spider sight, Metamorphosis, Immense Strength, Immense Speed, Chain Web whip, Wall Crawling/walking, Arachnid traps.
Alias: The Spider King.
Affiliation: The Council Of Hell/The Cinatas brothers.
Bio: Lok'Zor was one of the four powerful creatures created to be, in some way, the prime ministers in Hell, as they keep things in order. But that wasn't their only job. Lok'Zor and the three other demons of the council were also created to watch over The Devil's children (Nightengale, Zeloreta, Moon and Drake.). Lok'Zor had always had the power of a terror aura, a type of aura that would make whoever it targets see their worst fears in front of their eyes. He was seen very grouchy serving the four sometimes, but the only time he enjoyed serving was when he had free time, reading a book. Although he does enjoy serving
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Lok'zor (Pony) by venjix515 Lok'zor (Pony) :iconvenjix515:venjix515 0 1 Noir by venjix515 Noir :iconvenjix515:venjix515 1 0 Ragdoll by venjix515 Ragdoll :iconvenjix515:venjix515 1 1


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Hey! Haven't drawn anything in a while, so I thought, why not? XD
So, this is Malthus, the Hollowgast encountered within Tim Burton's 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' film, hope you like it! :D
I do not own Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children (Movie or Books) Or any creature introduced within the series.
Aaron Waiton
Second MPHFPC OC, and this one I really like! Aaron isn't usually one to get mad, but he can 'Snap' sometimes. Sorry for that terrible pun.
The Movie or the book don't belong to me. But again, they're awesome :D
Jamison Newfeld
This is the profile for my MPHFPC OC, Jamison Newfeld, who is a Wight, but not exactly the type a lot of Peculiars are used to.
I do not own the books or the movie, but either are great! I'd really recommend them.
This is Barron, Portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar children. He's my favourite character in the film ('Cause he's the antagonist) and he wasn't the only thing that was great, the whole entire film was amazing! Expect more art from me of characters from the film, next being a HollowGast, and after being either Millard or the Twins.

PS: The book 'Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children' isn't owned by me, and neither is the film. Obviously.


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